Friday, September 28, 2012

More pics from Annapolis

Discovery on her mooring in Annapolis Harbour.

Middeltons is a famous tavern in historic district of Annapolis.

Super fast transpac 52 on the hard in boatyard in back creek.

Pic looking down spa creek from the spa creek bascule bridge in Annapolis.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Awoke to another spectacular day here. Clear skies and a high of 75. Got dressed and took the dink to downtown. We headed to a deli we heard was a must stop chick and Ruth's. This place was featured on man vs food. It's a small crowded place that reaks of atmosphere. It has a huge menu but the feature is the crab items. Anita had a crab eggs benedict, and I had a crab and cheese omelet and wow we're they good! Pic below

Next stop was the Naval Academy, just a couple blocks from the center of the historic area of Annapolis. We went to the visitors center showed our ID and signed up for a walking tour. First we saw a 15 min movie on the academy and then formed up for our tour. Our Guide was great and we were able to see just about everything on the grounds. It's very impressive to see the nearly 200 year old campus and the 4400 midshipmen. Our tour started at 1130 and because of our timing we got to witness the entire student body forming up on the central yard for the pre lunch assembly. The formed up in battalions and the marched into the main hall for lunch accompanied by the marching band and color guard. It was very inspiring. We went into the building ( that is the worlds largest dorm, housing 4400 midshipmen) itself and saw the memorial Hall where all the names of navy graduates who have been lost in wars. Also has battle flags from our past wars etc. The tour took about 2 hrs and ended in the main chapel ( seems more like a cathedral. It's beautiful and has a crypt below that holds the body of John Paul Jones. It's very cool also. I took a bunch of photos. Tomorrow we plan to go to the museum.

Navy mascot is the goat, this is at the entrance to the Academy!

This is the pre lunch assembly!


Another photo of the noon assembly in front of Bancroft Hall!

Memorial hall in Bancroft hall, this is the famous don't give up the ship comment that was made into a battle flag

Photo of interior of Bancroft hall

Chapel at the Naval Academy, under this building is the burial site of John Paul Jones

John Paul Jones crypt under Chapel

That's a boat suspended from the ceiling in the Chapel

Photo from the Naval Academy visitor center, our boat is over my right shoulder, Arkansas flag flying!

Examples of shots of downtown!

Near the dingy dock.

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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Bob and Anita's excellent summer adventure

We arrived in Deltaville va June 21st. We rested up and then set to work securing the boat for its 2 month stay while we flew off to see or relatives and friends. Doziers marina is a very nice place to park the boat. They have 3 loaner cars, a pool and nice protected floating docks. The cater to cruisers as toy would expect from a marina owned by the people who put out the Waterway Guide and now skipper Bobs! We flew out July 5th for Houston!

We arrived at hobby and were picked up at the airport by our friends Pat and Barry Bolin. We spent our first night back at waterford with lorraine and Richard on their boat Loyalty! The second night down at the docks we spent on Daddy's Money with Joe and Dawna! They even hosted a impromptu party and we got a chance to see a bunch of our Texas sailing friends!

We then headed up the highway to the woodlands where we spent some time with my brother!

Next stop was Keller tx to see our daughter Alissa! My brother was nice and drove us up there!

We spent 3 great weeks with our daughter, one of the highlights was going to southfork ranch to see where the tv series Dallas is filmed!
Some photos below

-Pic of Anita at brother jays house in the woodlands

My girls at the southfork driveway!

Famous patio at southfork!

The kids in front of the sailing club they belong to!

After our stay at our daughters we flew to little rock to see friends and get some dental work done by our family dentist John Cloud.

View out the office window at Dr Clouds!

Took a walk over the new walking bridge over the arkansas river in little rock!

Next stop was st Louis to see my sister Debbie and her husband Bill. She spoiled me rotten with her great cooking!

After 3 days with my sis we flew to Chicago to spend 3 weeks with Anita's family! We spent a week in Galesburg work my father and mother in law Bruce and Joanne! Had a great time with them and got to brush up on my handyman skills for them.

Then it was back to Chicago to spend a couple of weeks with Anita's sister Marty and husband Chris, and kids Stephanie and Michale. Has a chance to see a bunch of their activities like band for Steph and Baseball for Michale. See photos below

Steph tooting her horn at the band display!

The girls at the family dinner before Stephs band program

More girls stuff at Marty's place in Chicago.

Above pic from a trip we took while we were in Galesburg, we drove down to Sullivan Illinois to see my 89 year old Aunt fran and her husband Elliot. My Aunt fran is the last of my moms side of the family and she had always been special to me.

We then flew to Pittsburg to spend time with our son John and his wife Katie and Daughter Edalie. We had a wonderful time with our kids and our grand daughter. Had another chance to break out the handy man stuff helping my son with the install of a new countertop and sink for the kitchen. He did a great job it looks super. See photos below

Our beautiful granddaughter!

Peek a boo I see you!

New kitchen !

August 28th saw us fly back to Baltimore and then caught a cab to Deltaville for our reunion with our floating home. Upon our arrival we arranged to have the boat hauled out and bottom painted, impeller changed etc. We rented a car and drove to DC and spent a busy day seeing all the sights. Next day we drove to Williamsburg and toured that area. Also on the way to DC we went to the John Stone national park. Anita is related to this signer of the Declaration of Independence. We got to see his home and his grave. Pics below

Pentagon on the way out of DC.

Hope diamond on display at national museum of history in DC

Photo from Williamsburg

More Williamsburg pics

More Williamsburg

This pretty much brings us up to date. We are currently anchored in Mills creek at the Solomon Islands in Maryland . We left Doziers yesterday at 10:30 am and had a great 8 hr run downwind. We will post again soon!

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