Monday, November 19, 2012

Fernandina to Vero Beach

Bridges,Bridges, Bridges, on the ICW it's all about bridges. Our trip from Fernandina south to St Augustine was routine. We picked up a ball and spent a couple days there. Got up early to head south to Daytona Beach in the company of

Mandalay a Benateau 50 crewed by John and Debra Barrows. There is a fixed bridge about 3 miles south of the mooring field in St Augustine and when we arrived at it the board that shows clearance showed 62 feet! We need 63.5 so we had to turn around and head back to the mooring field where we waited a couple more hrs so the tide could fall enough for us to get thru! We returned about 2 hrs later to see it now show 63 and a little. We decided to ease up to the bridge and see how it looked. It appeared that we could make it ( bridges usually have a bit more height than they show on the boards) so we creeped up to it and eventually passed it! So do our traveling companions. So on we went to Daytona! We got to Daytona before dark and anchored in a spot off the ICW that Mandalay had used prior.

Pic of our travel friends passing under the bridge

Got up early and hauled anchor at Daytona and continued south. Next stop Titusville! Had a cool trip with no issues, picked up the ball with no problem and got a good nights sleep!

Up early again to find fog was to thick to travel so we delayed till 9 am and continued south! We stopped in coco beach for lunch! Dropped the hook off of the ICW near the old downtown area. Mandalay put the dink down and we rode to town with them! Had a great pizza lunch and Returned to the boat and continued south again!

We made it to an anchorage we used on our way up north, it's called dragon point. We tucked in and spent a quite night even though the wind blew all night!

Next morning we headed south once more!
The wind picked up and eventually hit 20 knts directly out of the north which also was pushing water into the bay raising water levels. This became a real problem when we reached the wabbasso fixed bridge. The board showed 62 feet! We understood it was off by a foot but we just did not want to chance it! So we anchored just north of the bridge(along with 3 other sailboats unable to make it under 63 ft) the next low tide was 5 hrs away, but the strong both winds didn't ever allow the water to drop enough. So we spent the night and hoped the low tide scheduled for 7am would allow us to pass! We got up at daybreak to light winds and a 63 ft showing on the board that is really 64, so we hauled anchor and scurried thru and continued to Vero Beach!

Photo of sandpiper with crew up the mast checking the height of wabbasso bridge
the infamous wabbasso bridge

We arrived at Vero Beach at 9am and fueled up and grabbed a mooring ball and settled in for a weeks stay, the have a nice thanksgiving party here so we will spend our second thanksgiving on water!

More soon!

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Location:River Dr,Vero Beach,United States

Sunday, November 11, 2012

On the road again

After a week in Fernandina we are back on the ICW . Fernandina was a great place to park the boat while I flew back to Houston for my check ups. Everything went well and after a Thursday thu Sat morning stay in Houston I arrived back Sat afternoon. Anita and I took advantage of the rental car we picked up, to go shopping. After two trips to Costco in Jacksonville, Walmart, and several others we made it back to the marina and loaded up the boat. We got off Sunday at 8 am and had a pleasant run south. We did encounter some of the most extreme current so far on the trip. At times we had a 3 knot current at our back and at others we had 4 knots on our nose! Transiting bridges with the current just blasting thru is a experience! Saw one boat actually was driven into the side rails at the bridge of lions in St.Augustine.

We did have a causality, the current here in the St Augustine mooring fid claimed our boat hook!
Anita was attempting to snag the line on the ball when the current started moving us away from the ball and she could not hold it so it went to davey jones locker. We will be getting another before we leave so we can continue to use mooring fields.

We will be leaving after a day or two here, headed for Daytona beach!
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Monday, November 5, 2012

Charleston to Fernandina

Well after almost two weeks here in Charleston weather finally allowed us to continue south. Sat morning we left the marina at slack tide around 1030 am. We had a very uneventful 22 hr offshore motor sail. We arrived at Fernandina beach marina. This is a great marina actually on Amelia Island! We will be here about a week. I will be flying back to Houston for my yearly check up. More later. Below are a few pics

Ft Sumtner as we left Charleston Harbour on Sat.

Ft that guards the entrance to Fernandina

-Huge live oak in neighborhood at Fernadina

Our dock on the inside at the marina

Resturant at the Marina

More of the Marina

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