Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Bahamas Feb and March

We left dinner key in Miami Feb 4th, sailed across the gulf stream with Two other boats, Stargazer and Casa Blanca. We had a pleasant passage, leaving at 9 am and arriving Frazier Hog in the Berries at 12noon. We stayed a night anchored there and then sailed to Nassau about 40 miles away.
In Nassau we stayed at Yacht Haven marina for two nights and cleared into the Bahamas. We then motored east to rose island where we anchored and snorkeled.
After one night we left and sailed to Allen's Cay, we checked out the igunanas and spent one night anchored there. Weather was approaching so we went on to emarald bay mooring field at wardrick wells, the HQ for Exumas land and Sea Park. Very beautiful. We got to move to the north mooring field the next day before the worst of the weather hit! After 3 days there we sailed south to Musha Cay and spent the night protected from a west wind.
We sailed thru Cave Cay cut into exuma sound the next day and sailed the 50 or so miles to Georgetown! Made it in less than 10 days a new record. We spent two weeks in Georgetown and then took a two day trip to Conception island, a uninhabitated island east and south of Georgetown. Very cool.
Next we participated in a 60 boat rally to Thompson Bay on long island, it's a 80 mile long island just south and east of Georgetown. Had a great time and took a bus tour all around the island. Pics of all of this below!!!!

Our anchorage at wardrick wells, one of our not to be missed spots!

-Anita on our way up Boo Boo hill to check on our sign we left last year. Alas no sign of it!

Lots more boats in Georgetown this year, this shot is off Chat and Chill beach!

Had fun feeding the rays on chat and chill beach, the conch guys gives you bits to feed the rays!

This pic is looking Oceanside at Conception Cay, that's coral down there!

Photo of the boats behind us on the way to Long Island!

Bus tour took us to the museum.

Anita posing in front of Deans Bly hole , worlds deepest at 690 feet!

Catholic church high above clarencetown in long island.

Our tour bus! Only the best here in the Bahamas man!

Columbus monument at Santa Maria point, northernmost in long island.

One of the views from the monument!

At the finale party of the rally!

Back bay at calabash Harbour where we anchored for a night on our way back to Georgetown.

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