Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Summer of 2013 tour

We decided we needed wheels again so while in Ft Worth in July we located a well used but well maintained Toyota Sequoia. It should serve us fine to be a interstate cruiser and double as a storage shed when we're off sailing!

Anita really enjoyed her time with our daughter Alissa! Looks like Alissa was having a good time to! The girls are watching the new flat screen on our daughters bedroom wall!

While in Ft Worth with our daughter we went down to the famous stockyards.

We stopped in Pittsburgh to see our son John and his family, his daughter is a cutie, and a girl after my pirate heart!

On our way to Pittsburgh after spending time with Anita's mom and dad we dropped by my home town and visited my father at the VA cemetery in Danville Illinois. My dad was part of the greatest generation, dad had two purple hearts and a bronze star!

Above is a pic of my sons family, john, Katie, and Edolie!

Anita and I got a little sight seeing in while we visited our son, this is a shot inside the Heintz museum in downtown Pittsburgh!

Another shot from the museum

On our way back to the boat from Pittsburgh we stopped in Savannah, of course Anita had to go to Paula Deens Restauran!

Our pre meal bread at Paula's place, yumm

Anita and Paula, I wasn't to impressed she seemed kind of fake to me, sort of one dimensional you know?

Savannah is a special place, the squares are soooo southern!

Well here we are back on the boat trying to work off some of the flab we put on during a summer of eating at the relatives!

My biking partner, we're on the new riverwalk in Bradenton, very nice spot along the manatee rivet just down from our marina!

Went to the maritime museum in Cortez.

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Back on Discovery

Well after almost 3 months of driving across America to see all our family we returned to Discovery around the first of October! We had another whirlwind summer of seeing our loved ones. Except for a unexpected dental disaster everything went well, we even bought a used SUV and drove to the relatives instead of flying this time.

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