Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Hanging in Stuart

Well we really are hanging in Stuart, hanging on a ball that is! We have been here for about 2 weeks and lucky to have a ball, there are several dozen boats across the river anchored waiting to get a ball! Bunch of boats like us waiting here till after the holidays before they head further south. We like this marina and the town very much.
Anita is already in tx with our daughter and I will be flying out tomorrow. We will get back Monday the 17th and i will begin the project to swap our 2 135 watt solar panels for two new 245 watt panels! We just don't have enough solar to keep up and running the genny for 6 hrs a day is just to much. I was able to sell the old panels and charge controller online at Craig's list! Might even pick up a wind charger. Below are some shots of life in Stuart!

Boardwalk at the marina complex

Sunset from the rocking chairs on the marina boardwalk

Shot of downtown historic stuart

Rocking chairs on boardwalk just out front of the marina office

My favorite girl on a walk in historic stuart

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