Thursday, March 28, 2013

Trip to Georgetown

The Bahamas police have cool uniforms

Rasta mannnn!

Straw market in Georgetown

Everyone's fav store in Georgetown, top to bottom. It's a hardware store with a bit of everything!

Bandstand at regatta point park

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Georgetown pics

-Saw the pin cushion starfish on the bottom near sandollar beach! The thing must have weighed 5 pounds

Pic from a talk given on volleyball beach all about Bahama history

The benches at volleyball beach double as church on Sundays

Beach on the sound side of stocking island

Path on stocking island

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Sunday, March 24, 2013


Well we finally are at the southernmost point of our journey
We arrived on friday afternoon. Dropped the hook at sand dollar beach and put the dink in the water and went to volleyball beach and had some drinks and a order of peas and rice at chat and chill bar there on the beach. Sat we took the dink over to Georgetown and went looking around. Not as much to Georgetown as we thought but still a neat place. Pics below

This is the entrance to lake Victoria and the dinghy dock behind the grocery store

Anita at the bar at the famous chat and chill beach bar at volleyball beach

Volley ball beach as we approached on our dinghy

Anita posing at the sign at the dinghy dock behind the grocery store

Right in front of chat and chill on the beach is this totem with signs I assume cruisers have put up point to their home towns with the mileage. We found Houston, ft worth, Conway Arkansas.

Above is why they call it volleyball beach!

The entrance to chat and chill

View from peace and plenty hotel looking over the Harbour to volleyball beach! Pretty isn't it?

Discovery from the sand dollar beach

Another view including the beach

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Black Point to Cave cay

We decided that since west wind to 20 knts was predicted for wednesday we would head south to cave cay marina about 12 miles south. The marina is surrounded on all sides by bluffs and had floating docks so it's a good spot to hang. Black pt is not protected at all from the west. We really enjoyed black point, it was cool to see a real Bahamian settlement, the school and the school kids, we bought bread from right from the kitchen of a Bahamian family, really yummy cinnamon reason bread! We ate lunch at lorraines restaurant and wifi cafe, great food and free wifi! Lorraine herself was great and it was her mom who baked the bread in the house behind the Resturant ! Cave cay is a spectacular isolated cay, owned by a Texas oil man and carved out of solid rock, it's a great hurricane hole and it's surrounded by wonderful coal and sandbars! See the pics below

Lorraine herself posing in front of her Resturant, wow what a great fish sandwich she made( red snapper)

-The islanders build their own boats and take their racing very seriously, many of the stores proudly display the trophies members of their families have won!

Police station in Black point!

One of the three Resturants on black point

The friendly grocery store in Black point! Lots of business's use friendly in their names in the Bahamas .

Shot inside of Lorraine's Resturant

300 residents, one school grades 1 thru 9, children have to go to Nassau for the last 3 grades. All the children we precious!

Shot of the Harbour at black point.

Entrance to cave cay marina.

Beach inside Harbour at cave cay

Dock office at cave cay marina

Approaching cave cay marina just past entrance.

Discovery at her first marina since Nassau!

Pretty clear water under our keel at cave cay

This oyster was growing on the top of our rudder! Noticed it when I was clearing fishing line from my prop! Anyone got some good cocktail sauce?

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Monday, March 18, 2013

Exumas adventure

We left Nassau at the beginning of march and sailed to Allen's key, then to shroud key and then to hawksbill key! Next was Wadrick wells the hq for the Exumas land and sea park, the national park of the Bahamas. We then sailed south to Staniel key home of the swimming pigs and thunderball grotto, made famous by the james bond movie. Next came black point key, home to a thriving Bahamian settlement.

-iguanas that infest the beaches at Allen's key

View from the beach at Allen's key, home of the iguanas

Discovery at anchor at Allen's key

View from discovery anchored at Normans key, where the drug lord had his airstrip and compound

Ashore at Normans key airstrip

Anita posing at a beach at shroud key

Friendship rock tower at highest point at hawksbill key

View from the top of hawksbill key hill.

View from our boat anchored in the north mooring field at Wadrick wells

The dink behind the boat at Wadrick wells

Our discovery driftwood memento left at Boo Boo hill at Wadrick wells. This is a cruising right of passage.

Another shot of boo boo hill at Wadrick

Shot of discovery anchored at Wadrick wells

Finally found Internet at the beach at wardrick wells!!! Ha ha

Shark feeding at Staniel key yacht club docks!

Swimming pig at big major beach!

Sting ray at Staniel key

Anita in front of one of the grocery stores at Staniel key. There were two, the red store and the blue store!

Entrance to thunderball grotto at Staniel key!

Sign at thunderball grotto!

Lorraine cafe at black point!