Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Reflecting on our time on the Chessepeake

While we wait here in North Palm for the next leg down to Lauderdale I thought I would post some of the Pics and stories of our time up the east coast. Here below are some shots of our Marina at Deltaville VA, and our trip up to Annapolis.

Pic above is from the Virgina cut its a very narrow man made canal connecting the bays of upper va to norfolk. It is the alternative to the dismal swamp, this is deeper and safer with less floating logs.

Above is the clubhouse at Doziers Regatta Point Marina in Deltaville, VA THis is where we left Discovery for 2 months while we visited relatives.
While in Deltaville Anita learned that the house of Thomas Stone a signer of the Declaration of Independence and a distant relative of her's was close by so we rented a car and made a side trip to the state park and toured the house and grounds
We sailed up to Annapolis about a week before the boat show kicked off, we got a mooring ball right in the middle of Annapolis Harbour. Every afternoon the jr sailing clubs would sail thru the mooring field on their way to the racecourse. It was very cool
This an example of the typcial Chessapeake Bay light house, this one was just south of the Annapolis Bay  entrance
This is a pic of the pool area at River Dunes Marina and development very swanky
We took a side trip to Washington DC while we were at Deltaville waiting to go North to Annapolis. It was a very good trip. The monuments are awesome! Above is Anita posing infront of the Capital.
Here is anita posing witht he washington monument in the background
We must have walked 20 miles, did all the big monuments and a couple of the big museums, this one is the Natural History Museum.
Anita posing in front of the countries most famous statue! The Lincoln monument is truley something to behold!
Cant go to the nations capital without a visit to the white house, and the obligiatory picture thru the fence!
On the Washington trip we stopped by wiliamsburg, neat place enjoyed walking around history. Of course we could not keep out of trouble.
We toured the Naval academy and although  there were many empressive sights the top one in our book was the Naval Academy Chapel. Its huge and just ozing history and charisma. We actually attend a sunday service and I could not stop balling as the cadets sang the Naval hymn. I have heard it many times but singing it in the naval academy chapel that I had just sailed 1300 miles to get to, and now living on a boat, really had a impact on me.I could not hold back the tears, I balled all thru the song.
We were very lucky, the timing of our tour of the Naval Academy coincided with  the noon  assembly of the brigade. they assemble at twelve noon every day during good weather and then march to lunch. This is done in the parade square at Browning Dorm, the largest dormitory in the world.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Goodbye To Sunset Marina

Well we spent almost 2 months in Stuart, what a great little town and a wonderful marina. Took some pics as we left at 7am on Tuesday January 22.


We had a uneventful transit of the ICW down to north palm beach and old port cove on lake worth. The Jupiter inlet area pictured below is one of our favorite spots in Florida.

We plan to spend a few days docked at the marina, it's a nice luxury since its been over 2 months since we were in a marina.

Then on to Miami and the Bahamas

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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Still hanging out in Sunset Bay mooring field in Stuart. Hope to finally head south to Miami middle of next week. Going to the boat show this weekend here in Stuart.

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Location:Still stuck in stuart